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Cheap Movers vs Quality Movers: Which One Should You Choose?

Whether you are looking to do a local or long-distance move, moving is generally expensive. There are many costs involved in moving like buying moving supplies, renting a truck, and paying for cleaning costs. Not to mention the expenses involved in purchasing a new house or renting a new apartment. Then, you have to organize your move. 

All these expenses make cheap movers very attractive. They can help you save a lot of money! But should you hire cheap movers? To help you decide whether to hire cheap movers or quality movers, we’ll explain their pros and cons below.

Pros of Hiring Cheap Movers

As their name suggests, cheap movers are affordable. This is the main reason why people hire them. With all the expenses of buying a new home and organizing your move, saving as much money as possible is sensible. You can use the extra money to pay for cleaning and supply costs or home renovations. 

You can also get more services at lower rates with cheap movers. You can even have them pack and move your items but pay for only one moving service depending on the company. 

Cons of Hiring Cheap Movers

While saving more money with cheap movers seems attractive, there are some downsides to working with them.  This is not to say that cheap movers are bad service providers, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” There are risks involved with hiring cheap movers and you’ll want to consider them before working with them.

  • Lack of expertise and equipment 

Cheap movers particularly new companies may not have a team of highly experienced professionals that legitimate quality movers have. Usually, cheap moving companies offer no more than standard loading, unloading, and transportation. But they lack the right people and equipment to handle high-value items like antiques, designer furniture, fine art pieces, and collectibles. 

  • Potential additional fees

Cheap movers have affordable rates. However, they can charge more fees throughout your relocation. These fees can include narrow driveways, fuel expenses, heavy item surcharges, and more. Be sure to check the moving estimate, bill of lading, and everything in between to avoid surprises.

  • Lack of reliability

It’s not good to make stereotypes but unfortunately, cheap movers are usually associated with rogue movers. Be sure to check for red flags when working with very cheap moving companies. Some of the signs to watch for are tardiness, lack of required documents, and rough handling of items. 

  • Stress

Moving is already stressful. But it can even be more stressful if you’re working with movers who are late and handle your items roughly. You’re hiring cheap movers for convenience too so if they’re giving you a tough time, it defeats the purpose and it might be time to consider other moving companies.

Pros of Hiring Quality Movers

The other option you have is hiring legitimate quality movers. You can expect to pay a little bit more with Thunder Horse Movers but you can also expect quality services. This is the greatest advantage of choosing quality movers. 

With a team of highly trained professionals and top-of-the-line equipment, quality movers can ensure that your items are safe during transit. They’re also the most reliable ones as they have a reputation to keep. Like Thunder Horse Movers and Storage, quality movers offer firm prices, outstanding customer service, and fully equipped, licensed professional labor with a meticulous touch and diligent work ethic. 

Cons of Hiring Quality Movers

You can trust quality movers to get the job done without any hassle on your part. But there are downsides too. Have a look at the drawbacks below and weigh them with the advantages when making your decision: 

  • High rates

Quality movers don’t come cheap as you’re paying for top quality. But that’s better than having your items damaged because of unreliable cheap movers. You can also ask for customized services so definitely ask the moving company of your choice about that. 

  • High demand means less availability 

Due to the high demand for expert movers, finding a quality moving company can be hard especially during the peak seasons. Because professional movers can get really busy, you’ll want to book in advance. Be ready by the scheduled day of your move as they’ll charge a fee for delayed or canceled moves. 

Which mover should you choose: Cheap or Quality? 

Choosing between cheap and quality movers depends on your budget,  what you’re willing to deal with and how fragile or valuable your items are. Moving standard household items is not the same as handling delicate heirlooms and antiques. Likewise, commercial moves that entail transferring sensitive equipment or complex electronics will definitely require professional expertise.  

The main thing you need to remember is to hire for reliability. Start by asking for referrals from your friends and family. Pick at least three moving companies and talk with them. You can also check their reviews online and see if they don’t have bad reviews from past clients. You’ll want to hire a reputable moving company that suits your needs so definitely do that. 

Most importantly, check if the companies are licensed and insured. They must have a USDOT Number indicating that they are registered with the FMCSA. Lastly, compare their rates and see which mover best fits your budget.

You can also skip those steps above, avoid all the hassle, and hire Thunder Horse Movers and Storage. We are a fully licensed and insured local & long-distance moving company serving in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. Get a quote today! 

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