About Movers hidden fees Los Angeles

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Movers hidden fees can easily caught you off-guard and unprepared when the movers show up to your door with an estimate double of what they had originally quoted.  Moving companies come out with additional services and product fees such as:  material fees, stairs, long carry double drive time and furniture wrapping fees.

Product fees: all it takes for a professional move is furniture pads, shrink wrap, cardboard, packing paper and tape.  

Reasonable fees:
Blankets are usually provided for Free! 

  • Shrink wrap – $20 per role
  • Cardboard boxes – $1 – 3.75
  • Packing paper – $1 per pond
  • Tape $2 per role of tape

you can compare prices with uhaul packing materials! they fees are fair

Stairs fee: not only that you’re paying hourly but the time of your move will prolong because of stairs. Don’t pay for this! Instead make sure to have your Movers take breaks and lunch; this will allow them to perform at their full potential and save you money!

Long carry fee: again you paying hourly Do not allow them to charge you for this!

Double drive time: this is allowed by the state of California! Just make sure they let you know ahead of time about this fee!

Furniture wrapping and packing fee: This is unacceptable!!! Not only that you are paying hourly and for material but they want to charge for doing the work. Do not! Allow this to happen! Example: $20 for wrapping your bed! No!!! They have to do it to protect the furniture  and it takes time to do it! Do not pay for this service! 

This is for local Moves only! long distance Moving can be even dirtier!!!

If you know about all the fees then they are not hidden!!! I believe some of these guys could be good and worth for everything they charge but they are dirty negotiators! For local Moves with in Los Angeles Hire Thunderhorse Moving!!! It is a pleasure doing business with Thunderhorse! www.thundehorsemoving.com


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