Our services specialize in transporting items and household furniture with utmost care for its condition regardless of its value or any other external factors; these can range from pictures, frames, marble, glass items, and many more delicate personal items. We practice several procedures to ensure the safety of your items through extensive measures, because we also value your valuables, the way you do with yours as well as our service.

The foundation of our work ethic is providing you a service that is both satisfactory and stress-free, with the intention of the customer’s peace of mind. ThunderHorse definitely aims to strive towards the extra mile for their customers, that, we can fully guarantee—so you don’t have to worry.

Renting a truck will only cover half of your move

Allow us make your move stress-free by having our professional helpers alleviate your troubles by letting us do the heavy work of loading, packing, and/or driving.

Wrapping, Packing & Unpacking

We go the extra mile to provide protection for your belongings so you can have peace of mind!

Manpower &

Leave it to us to safely unload your belongings and arrange them in your new place. Sit down, relax and let our expert movers take care of it.

Loading &

Our moving masters specialize in professional loading and space saving, so your truck, POD or container is stacked to perfection.

No such thing as too heavy!

ThunderHorse is fully loaded with tools, equipment and manpower to move an item up to 1500 lbs!
Our movers are strong, fast and always ready to move anything in command.

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