Loading/ unloading Truck & containers

ThunderHorse will assist you in loading items in your truck, pod, pack-rat or ABF container.

We aim to take extensive care of your belongings whether they are going into storage or across the country.

Our well trained movers who are knowledgeable in maximizing space are able to take advantage of every cubic foot possible, it’s efficient, and an effective way to make use of whatever space is available.

Furniture wrapping

Let us worry about the condition of your items: we can wrap and protect your furniture to prevent it from damages as it safely travels for miles towards its destination.

Heavy lifting & manpower

Do you think it’s hard to transport certain items, furniture and equipment? Our strong and ready movers are more than capable of moving any items that you might think are impossible to move.

Let our well trained and fully equipped moving helpers take care of the heavy lifting for you! They’ll do it with such ease and finesse, it’ll seem like they are able to do it effortlessly—which they undoubtedly can!

Mansion relocation

Mansion definition:
A mansion is a big house that goes over 10,000 sq. ft

Moving a big home?
Having to move such a big house requires multiple movers, more means of transportation, equipment, and supervisors. This is because mansions are presumably filled, if not, contain a lot of furniture, valuables, and other fragile pieces of items that require extensive care and security.

We can provide you with all the tools necessary for a successful move, guaranteed.

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