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Movers During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

Thunderhorse has continued moving operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have helped our clients all over Los Angeles make their moves happen including local and long-distance moves. All of this was done with three things in mind. One, the safety of both clients and movers, and two, customer satisfaction, and three, efficiency. Discover what our professional movers at Thunderhorse are doing to make your move safe, fast, and efficient during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Safety

At Thunderhorse, the safety of our clients and movers is our top priority. We are closely following the health guidelines given by the federal government, local governments, and the CDC to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here’s what our movers are doing to keep everybody safe during a move:

  • Sanitizing our trucks

Our movers sanitize our trucks before and after each move. We use sanitizers that are always ready with all the needed moving and cleaning supplies. 

  • Social distancing 

Whether in the office or during a move, movers at Thunderhorse practice social distancing at all times. We limit food sharing and gatherings and remind our movers to closely follow social distancing measures. 

  • Wearing masks and using hand sanitizers

Thunderhorse provides masks and hand sanitizers to our movers. Moving requires interacting with clients and lifting household items so touching surfaces is unavoidable. But with masks and sanitizers, we can keep both our movers and clients safe. 

  • Disinfecting items and surfaces 

Moving means touching and lifting household items. To keep you safe, our movers sanitize items and surfaces during the move. We use commercial-grade sanitizers and disinfectant wipes to disinfect your items and surfaces movers touch during the move. 

  • Monitoring movers daily for COVID-19 symptoms

We always monitor the health conditions of our movers for covid-19 symptoms. If they have been exposed to someone suspected of covid-19 or showing symptoms of the virus, movers are asked to stay home. 

  • Contactless Move

Thunderhorse considers your safety first. With this in mind, we are now facilitating contactless moves. If you are unavailable for a visit with our team or are concerned with your health and safety, we can also make virtual surveys and estimates. All you have to do is send us photos, floor plans, specific instructions, or simply a video of your home for us to get a quote. With our no-contact packing and unpacking, you can have some peace of mind knowing that you’re not exposed to anyone who might have the symptoms. 

  • Briefing before the move

Before the move, our team will brief you on the things you need to do to keep everybody safe. Successful moving requires cooperation between the movers and owners. The more we know about your place, the better we can execute the move. You are also advised to check the move-in/move-out procedures in your building for access or restrictions. 

  • Free reschedule 

If you have been quarantined or showing symptoms of COVID-19, we ask you to choose another date for your move. Rescheduling your move is free. All you have to do is call us in advance.

On Customer Satisfaction

Our movers at Thunderhorse value what you value. We provide the utmost care for all your belongings from picture frames to large pieces of furniture. Our services are founded on a great work ethic to make your move stress-free and satisfactory all throughout. With our customer-friendly team of professional movers, feel free to discuss your needs with us and we will get it done.

On Efficiency

Thunderhorse is composed of professional movers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling challenges related to in-house, local, and long-distance moving. Our movers know what needs to be done with your move. With smart packing, unpacking, lifting, and transporting methods, Thunderhorse Movers are guaranteed to give you a fast, efficient, and worry-free move.

Your Move is Safe With Us

From following health protocols to handling your belongings, your move is safe with us. If you are moving to a new apartment or a new city, Thunderhorse will be with you all the way. Our movers can take the stress off your shoulders with a safe, satisfactory, and efficient move. All you need to do is call us and we’ll get everything done from start to finish.

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